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In order to upgrade our GMBs to provide safe and more comfortable transport services to our passengers, AMS is committed to optimizing the safety installations, such as non-slip flooring, baggage racks, individual seat belts and Speed Display Units, in all PLBs.

Seat Belt

Each seat is fitted with seat belt to further enhance the safety of passengers.

Speed Display Unit

Drivers are required to drive safely within authorized speed limits by checking on the Speed Display Unit.

Baggage Rack

Baggage rack is installed for the convenience of passengers with large baggage.

Non-slip Flooring

Non-slip floor mats offer protection for passengers during boarding or alighting.

RoadShow Multi-media On-board Service

To provide an effective medium for delivering high quality programs and infotainment for passengers.

Octopus System

To provide a simple and convenient way payment option.

High-backed Seat

To raise seats’ back to 840mm to further ensure the safety of passengers.

Automatic Sliding Door

To promote safety when passengers are boarding or alighting.

Rugged Grab Pole

To promote safety when passengers are boarding or alighting.

Route Display Panel

Passengers can preview the route of the next PLB service by referring to the Route Display Panel at the terminus.

LED Destination Display

To provide detailed and clear route information for passengers.

Alighting Bell

To allow passengers to press the bell for alighting.

Braille Plate

A Braille plate with bus license number is available for the use of visually impaired passengers.


AMS has two repair and maintenance centres, one is on Hong Kong Island and the other in the New Territories. The two centres implement comprehensive maintenance programs to ensure proper checking and maintenance of the GMBs to ensure our GMBs is kept at the best service condition.

v Car Paint

Enhance its procedure with the use of professional and advanced technologies

v Computerization

Increase its efficiency and quality

v Car Parts Storage

Enhance general efficiency of the professional crew

v Preventive & Corrective Maintenance

Intensive and regular checking by skilled mechanics and professionals

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