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Leveraging on the government policy of encouraging the conversion of RMBs into GMBs, together with the anticipated increase in the demand for public transport, the Group aims to expand our route network by acquiring other corporate GMB route operators and by tendering for new GMB routes to increase our service coverage. At the same time, we will also continue to upgrade our existing technology infrastructure. All of our initiatives reflect our relentless commitment and mission to become not only the leading GMB operator, but also one of the most significant public transport service operators in Hong Kong.

AMSPT, founded in 1975, has been providing GMB services to Hong Kong citizens for over 42 years. It has grown to become one of the leading GMB routes operators in Hong Kong. Currently, our fleet size has reached over 363 PLBs and we are operating 45 GMB routes on Hong Kong Island, 24 GMB routes in the New Territories, and 4 residents' bus routes to supplement the GMB services.

Being one of the leading GMB operators in Hong Kong, on-line service through the internet has been established to offer our passengers with the latest and detailed information. Through the provision of this service, AMSPT has further enhanced its corporate image as a leader in the GMB service sector.

Executive Directors﹕
Mr. Wong Ling Sun, Vincent (Chairman)
Ms. Ng Sui Chun
Mr. Chan Man Chun, JP(Chief Executive Officer)
Ms. Wong Wai Sum, May

Non-Executive Directors:
Ms. Wong Wai Man, Vivian

Independent non-executive Directors﹕
Dr. Chan Yuen Tak Fai, Dorothy, BBS
Dr. Lee Peng Fei, Allen, JP
Mr. Kwong Ki Chi, GBS, JP